Jazzschool_logoThe California Jazz Conservatory (CJC), formerly the JAZZSCHOOL, and The San Francisco Early Music Society have established an exciting affiliation that delights both our audience and our local musicians. Early music lovers and jazz music lovers join together to celebrate the improvisational kinship of the two genres. CJC offers a casual and intimate environment where the audience can enjoy a light meal and sip a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while enjoying the concert.

All concerts begin at 4:30 pm at the California Jazz Conservatory, 2087 Addison Street, Berkeley. Tickets are $20 (general admission) and go on sale for each concert approximately one month in advance. Their box office can be reached at 510-845-5373 or www.cjc.edu/concerts.


Sunday,  April 15, 2018

Les Violettes—Render Unto Cæsar

The new year’s Sunday Afternoon concert series at the California Jazz Conservatory concludes on April 15 with a special program celebrating the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution. Les Violettes (Corey Carleton, soprano; David Wilson, violin; Colin Shipman, viola da gamba; and Violet Grgich, harpsichord) perform music from the Court of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, including works by Bertoli, Sances, Schmelzer and Bononcini. Because the concert falls on April 15, tax day, they’ve chosen the title, “Render Unto Cæsar.”

LES VIOLETTES: Corey Carleton, soprano; Colin Shipman, viol; Violet Grgich, harpsichord

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About the Artists:

The musicians of Les Violettes met in the Early Music School at Indiana University, Bloomington. For over a decade they have played in the Bay Area and Napa, championing the music of Buxtehude, Purcell and the French Baroque. They are regular performers at Berkeley’s Barefoot Chamber Concerts, the Berkeley Early Music Festival, the California Jazz Conservatory, the Festival del Sol, and recently played at the Napa Performing Arts Center at the Lincoln Theater.

Corey Carleton, soprano, has a Master’s degree in Voice from Indiana University, and specializes in Renaissance and Baroque vocal music. She performs with chamber groups and in music festivals up and down the state of California. When Corey is not on stage, she is producing podcasts on agriculture science, and helping arts-based non-profits with their marketing and communications. She also loves stories about time travel.

David Wilson, violin, earned a Doctor of Music degree in Early Music at Indiana University and is an avid chamber musician. His interests outside of music include cosmology, zymurgy, and science fiction (and he would love to discover a science fiction novel about a homebrewing cosmologist). He is the author of Georg Muffat on Performance Practice, published by Indiana University Press.

Colin Shipman, viol, began playing the viol in 1992, a few months before he saw “Tous Les Matins du Monde” (but the movie sealed the deal), and first studied with Mark Chatfield. In 2000 he received his Master’s degree in Performance from Indiana University where he studied with Wendy Gillespie. Colin performs regularly with Les Violettes and Faire Violls. He rides a skateboard, paddles a kayak, and lives in Napa with his wife, Violet Grgich, and their son, Noel.

Violet Grgich, harpsichord, received her BA in Music at the University of California at Davis, where she studied with Tamara Loring, and her Master of Music degree at the Indiana University School of Music where she studied with Elisabeth Wright, Colin Tilney, and Nigel North. Ms. Grgich spends most of her time managing the family winery, Grgich Hills Estate. She has even been seen playing the accordion.


October 15, 2017

Judith Linsenberg and Friends—Sprezzatura

Virtuosic Italian Sonatas of the 17th and 18th centuries, including works by Castello, Frescobaldi, Corelli, Vivaldi, and Sieber.

Judith Linsenberg, recorders; William Skeen, cello; and Katherine Heater, harpsichord


November 5, 2017

Magnolia Viols—17th and 18th century music for Viol Consort

Renaissance and baroque music for a consort of viols from throughout Europe, including compositions by Charpentier, Susato, Ward, Locke, Boismortier, Jenkins, and Salmone Rossi, heavenly and earthly.

MAGNOLIA VIOLS: Amy Brodo, treble and bass viol; Hallie Pridham, treble and bass viol; Farley Pearce, tenor and bass viol; Roy Whelden, bass viol.


January 21, 2018

The Alphabet Baroque Club—An English Country Garden

Composers active in England in the 17th and 18th centuries: Arne, Jenkins, Purcell, and Hume. The group has performed at the Galway Early Music Festival in Ireland, as well as at the Berkeley Fringe Festival, on a UC Davis faculty recital, and at various venues around the North Bay Area.

ALPHABET BAROQUE CLUB: Maria Caswell, violin; Judiyaba, treble viol; Gwyneth Davis, viola da gamba; Phebe Craig, harpsichord


February 18, 2018

Ensemble Bizarria—The vulnerable Wolfgang Amadeus

A different portrait of Mozart through his own words & music – Mozart’s six-movement Divertimento for String Trio in E-Flat Major was written in September 1788 and first performed in Dresden the following April on the composer’s mult-staged journey from Vienna to Berlin. A rare jewel of a piece that elevates the divertimento genre from pleasant cocktail party music to an exploration of the composer’s complexities, it demonstrates the extraordinary style and emotional depth found in the composer’s celebrated string quartets. With the more vulnerable and open texture of a single violin, viola and cello Mozart creates drama, richness and extreme intensity which mirrors the very real challenges which were unfolding in his life at the time.

ENSEMBLE BIZARRIA: Lindsey Strand-Polyak, violin; Evan Hesketh, viola; Alexa Haynes-Pilon, cello; Eric J. Wang, reader

March 25, 2018

Flauti Diversi—Music in the Garden of Delight: Diverse Songs and Dances of the Middle Ages

Frances Feldon

Selected songs and dances of the 13th and 14th centuries, both monophonic and polyphonic, devotional and rowdy, from the cantigas and Llibre Vermell manuscripts, laude and estampies, as well as Arabic repertoire.

FLAUTI DIVERSI: Frances Feldon, recorders/medieval flute; Allison Zelles Lloyd, soprano/harp;
 Peter Maund, percussion;
 Sarah Michael, qanun; 
David Rogers, lute/baroque guitar/oud


April, 15, 2018

Les Violettes—Render Unto Cæsar

LES VIOLETTES: Corey Carleton, soprano; Colin Shipman, viol; Violet Grgich, harpsichord