Medieval & Renaissance

SFEMS’s Medieval and Renaissance Workshop returns!

June 28-July 4, 2015, at St. Albert’s Priory, Oakland, CA.

This year’s theme: “Councils and Heretics”

Council_of_TrentThis year our theme explores music inspired by the schisms, heresies and Church councils of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Great Schism in the 14th century and the Council of Constance inspired and reformed music of the ars subtilior. The Councils of Basel and Florence invoked Guillaume Dufay to compose some of his greatest music. The followers of Savonarola  sang devotional songs as they lit the Bonfire of the Vanities. The Humanist movement, the Reformation and the Council of Trent set their indelible stamp of sacred music and on how we set text to music.

But wait! Lest you think we will spend all our time on sacred music, we will pay special attention to the rustic and erotic songs that filled the tongues of the followers of the Devotio moderna and the Protestant Reformation. From the lowest and bawdiest to the highest devotional song, all will be fair game. So dust off your Books of Hours, bring out your torches, and help us set fire to some exciting music, both sacred and secular!

Download this year’s class descriptions. (Updated 5/3/15; subject to change.)

Questions? Contact director Adam Knight Gilbert  at

FACULTY: Anne Azéma, voice and collegium; Vicente Chavarriavoice and guitar; Adam Gilbert, recorder and double reeds; Bianca Hall, voice; Shira Kammen, vielleVicente La Camera Mariñoharps; Mary Springfels, viola da gamba; Wouter Verschuren, double reeds and recorder

**Attention harpists! This year, SFEMS’s Medieval & Renaissance and Baroque Workshops will take place in conjunction with the Historical Harp Society Workshop (June 26-28 at St. Albert’s Priory).**

Irish and Scottish Harp Intensive with Vicente La Camera Mariño (announced May 2015)

The MedRen Workshop will offer an intensive program this year on June 29 and 30, 2015.

St. Albert’s Priory, Oakland
Monday, June 29, 2pm–5pm
Tuesday, June 30, 2pm–5pm
$150 for both sessions.
Housing and Meals:
$144 for the nights of June 28-29 (Space is LIMITED and SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Please reserve by June 1st.)
Lunches and Dinners only (through lunch on June 30): $60
Lunches only (June 29-30): $30
More information:
Find detailed schedules and information about the MedRen Harp Intensive, the Baroque Harp Intensive, and the HHS conference in this packet and on the HHS web site.

Register online through SFEMS’s system or via phone (510-842-5256).

Dates, Deadlines, and Fees

Tuition: $580 before April 30, 2015; $630 May 1, 2015 or later
Room and Board: $432
Meals only (no room): $180
SFEMS/EMA/ARS member discount: $10

Please contact the SFEMS Office to register if you are an EMA or ARS member and not also a SFEMS member.

Tuition assistance is available–visit the Scholarships page for more information.

To register for the Medieval and Renaissance Workshop, find instructions on the Registration info page.

Additional questions regarding fees, logistics, or other matters? Contact Katie Hagen, Workshop Administrator, at