manwalk180FullSFEMS is accepting concert proposals for the California Jazz Conservatory/SFEMS Early Music Sundays* 2017-18 series. Participation in this series is open to SFEMS Affiliates and ensembles composed of SFEMS members.

All performances in this series take place on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 p.m.

CJC/SFEMS Dates For 2017-18

• Sunday, October 15
• Sunday, November 5
• Sunday, January 21
• Sunday, February 18
• Sunday, March 18
• Sunday, April, 15

Concerts for the Early Music Sundays series should consist of early music performed on period instruments. The definition of “early music” can be at the discretion of the concert committee, the President and the ED.  However, no modern instruments!  The relationship of Jazz and early music is not of primary importance but may be noted in the existence of improvisation in both genres.  However, the concert should not include anything that is construed to be jazz, jazz performance, or pop music of any kind.

The proposed program must be at least 60 minutes in length and be performed without intermission.

If your ensemble is interested in performing on this series please send your concert proposal including:

• Name of the ensemble:
• Performers (members of the ensemble)
• Concert title
• Description of the proposed concert
• Works to be performed
• Preferred date for appearance on the series (choose two from the list above)

Audio or video submission may be requested for non-SFEMS affiliate proposals

Please send proposals in the form of a PDF and audio files to Joyce Johnson Hamilton (

The deadline for proposals is June 1.

*The California Jazz Conservatory (CJC), formerly the JAZZSCHOOL, and The San Francisco Early Music Society have established an exciting affiliation that delights both our audience and our local musicians. Early music lovers and jazz music lovers join together to celebrate the kinship of the two genres. CJC offers a casual and intimate environment where the audience can enjoy a light meal and sip a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while enjoying the concert.

San Francisco Early Music Society