2022 Music Discovery & Youth Collegium

Midsummer Magick on the Village Green

9AM to 4PM
Pacific Boychoir Academy
215 Ridgeway Ave., Oakland
June 19–24, 2022 (orientation on June 19)
Yuko Tanaka, director

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Each day will be organized by skill level and age range. Class options include offerings for music, theater, dance, and art. Learn more below!

To attend this workshop, proof of “up to date” vaccination against COVID-19 will be required, as available by age. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “up to date” means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible.” For additional policies for SFEMS, please visit our COVID-19 protocol page. We will also follow guidelines as requested by our facilities.

More about Midsummer Magick on the Village Green

Immerse your child in a fun-filled week as we explore several centuries of English music through theater, dance, and visual art! As we delight in being able to more safely come together, we will explore music that celebrates renewal, rebirth, and rejoicing. 

History comes to life in tales and stories through theater. Music soars as you make music, dance and sing in the sun.

Over the course of just five days, your child will be absorbed by all aspects of creating a full production! In addition, we will offer semi-private instruction for voice students and those studying the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, viola da gamba, flute, recorder, ukulele, guitar, piano, and harpsichord.

More information will be available soon about individual class sessions, all taught by faculty who are both skilled practitioners of early music and active educators!

Instrumental Youth Collegium

The Instrumental Youth Collegium provides older and more advanced students an in-depth opportunity to explore English music from the medieval period through the Baroque era, as well as participate in the production described above.

The collegium is intended for intermediate and advanced students of the following instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, viola da gamba, flute, recorder, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, voice, ukulele, and classical guitar). Interested students who have not participated before will need to submit a short, 1–2 minute video of a solo piece which best displays their current ability to Instrumental Youth Collegium director Carla Moore at discoveryworkshop@sfems.org.

Learn more about our new venue the Pacific Boychoir Academy:

Visit MDW’s Facebook page to see photos and scenes from past workshops. 


Carla Moore violin and viola; Instrumental Youth Collegium director
Eva Melin-Gompper arts and crafts
Vicki Melin recorder and flute
Jennifer Meller Baroque dance
Farley Pearce cello, viola da gamba, and guitar
Adam Sussman theater
Susan Swerdlow voice
Yuko Tanaka, D.M.A. harpsichord; workshop director

Dates, Deadlines, and Fee Information

Full tuition: $600
Early Bird discount: $50 off tuition by April 8.
Sibling discount: $50 off tuition for each additional child

Music Discovery Workshop/Youth Collegium Scholarship Request Form

Secure each child’s spot with a non-refundable deposit of $175. To receive the Early Bird discount, the balance must be paid by April 8.

Please contact administrator Stacey Helley at workshops@sfems.org for more information about the sibling discount.

All outstanding tuition balances must be paid by June 5, 2022.

Additional questions regarding payment? Contact administrator Stacey Helley at workshops@sfems.org.

Limited scholarships available. For more information about scholarships about the workshops in general, contact director Yuko Tanaka at discoveryworkshop@sfems.org.

This program has been made possible, in part, with support from ACMP Associated Chamber Music Players.


About the Workshop

SFEMS’s Music Discovery Workshop & Youth Collegium is a premier workshop for the kids in grades 1–12. Originally founded by Lee McRae in 1994, it has established itself as a unique gem among music workshops for children, not only here in the Bay Area, but in the nation.

The Music Discovery Workshop is for younger children, in grades 1–5, who are looking for a fun and artistic introduction to the music of 1500–1800. The focus of the workshop is to introduce and immerse children in early music from the Middle Ages to the Classical period, while providing historical and cultural context, all in a fun, hands on way through instrumental and vocal music, theater and arts and crafts.

The Youth Collegium is a concurrent program designed for older, more experienced students, in grades 6–12, who want to explore early music in greater depth. Students round out their day by having semi-private lessons, and elective options of drama, art and period dance.

We request all Youth Collegium applicants to submit a brief, casual video so we may better assess their musical level. This video does not have to be a performance. It may be a brief recording of a piece or a work in progress and may be filmed on a mobile device. Please send the video to the director, Yuko Tanaka at discoveryworkshop@sfems.org.

About the Classes:

Our workshop provides semi-private instruction for all students. We are proud to keep a very low teacher-to-student ratio, between 1:2 to 1:5. All classes are taught in rotation: music, chamber ensemble, musicianship, dance, arts and crafts, choir, and theater.  During the assembly period, we will have visits from special guests and early music specialists.

Snapshot from a typical day at the Music Discovery Workshop & Youth Collegium:

Families are invited to attend our final performance at the conclusion of our workshop on Friday. The evening begins with a chamber ensemble concert of all the Workshop students, made concert-ready in just five days, and a highly imaginative, unique theater production, including music, dance, singing, costumes and props made by the students during arts and crafts class.  The evening finale will be a potluck celebration, as we revel in our newly forged or renewed friendships. As families depart, we all make a renewed promise to see each other again the following summer — and most of our families return year after year!