Mics Still Open at Hillside

la-barre-and-other-musicians-bouys-croppedEarly Music Open Mic Night continues in the East Bay. This event is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at the Hillside Community Church, 1422 Navellier Street, El Cerrito. This is your opportunity to perform early music in a friendly cabaret style setting. Your ensemble and you have practiced long enough in solitude and obscurity! Come into the limelight! Instrumentalists, singers, soloists, groups, students, youngsters, professionals — all are welcome!

The next open mic is August 28th. Performers can send an email to earlymusicopenmic@gmail.com to sign up. Time slots will be up to 15 minutes, and there will be six time slots per night. Both a harpsichord and a modern piano will be available on site. Food and drinks will be provided.

So come on! Polish up your piece! Get it out there to share with all of us! A donations basket will be prominently placed to cover the costs of the venue rental and refreshments. Bring your own music stand and bring a stand light if you need it.

Looking forward to some fabulous music-making!
Sal Blaker, MC

Written by Jonathan Harris