Early Music Sundays

Early Music Sundays will not be offered in the 2020–21 season because of the pandemic.

The California Jazz Conservatory (CJC) and The San Francisco Early Music Society have established an exciting affiliation that delights both our audience and our local musicians. Early music lovers and jazz music lovers join together to celebrate the improvisational kinship between the two genres. CJC offers a casual and intimate environment where the audience can enjoy a light meal and sip a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while enjoying the concert.

All concerts begin at 4:30 pm at the California Jazz Conservatory (2087 Addison Street, Berkeley). Tickets are $25. Learn more about the concerts below! Their box office can be reached at 510-845-5373 or https://cjc.edu/concerts.

2019–20: Bolivian Baroque | An Austen Afternoon | Chinese Baroque (cancelled)

2020/21 Early Music Sundays