Community Early Music Play Day

EMA’s First-ever Community Play Day June 11 at BFX

Do you have a hankering to meet, rehearse, and perform with some really good musicians? Well, butter your tonsils, razzle up your bow and get the peanut butter out of your recorder windway, because Early Music America is presenting its first-ever Community Early Music Play Day on Thursday, June 11 at the 2020 Berkeley Festival. The event will be held at Berkeley’s First Presbyterian Church, 2407 Dana Street from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., including rehearsal and lunch. This will be a chance for all members of community early music ensembles, from baroque orchestras, medieval choirs and gamba groups, to recorder orchestras, to come gather for a cheery day of music making and getting to know your fellow community early musicians from across the West and North America! Full details of this unique event are at EMA’s website.


Written by Jonathan Harris