2021/22 Concert Season

Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Read our Covid-19 protocols before purchasing tickets or attending a performance.

The past year and a half has presented extraordinary challenges, requiring us to make monumental adjustments in all aspects of our lives—especially as performers and as lovers of music.

Looking back, we found memorable experiences both in listening to and in making music that cheered, comforted, and inspired us. We took the time to broaden our horizons: not only by learning about new pieces and composers, but by creating space for a more inclusive vision of what performances can—and should—be. And we found ways to connect with one another, even if only virtually, that have kept us going through these difficult times.

Moving forward, we now know, even more than before, that our community is resilient and versatile. We’re ready to provide fresh musical experiences to warm our hearts and broaden our minds.

Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you back to live performances for our 45th season. Join us for a concert season that safely reunites our community with the music we love!

If you are part of our virtual community, fear not. For the first time, we’ll be presenting “Snapshots,” a concurrent digital season that provides a unique perspective on our in-person events. Even if you’re planning to attend our live performances, you won’t want to miss this extra opportunity to savor more wonderful music.

Oct. 22–24: The Paris Quartet
Dec. 3–5: Aulos Ensemble with Julianne Baird
Jan. 14 (SPECIAL EVENT): Quicksilver Baroque
Jan. 29 (SPECIAL EVENT): Profeti della Quinta
Feb. 25–27: Agave Baroque
Apr. 8–10: Tabea Debus & Paul Holmes Morton