Gilbert and van Proosdij to Step Down as Recorder Workshop Co-Directors

The end of an era: Rotem Gilbert and Hanneke van Proosdij are stepping down from their roles as directors of the SFEMS Recorder Workshops.

In 2010, Hanneke and Rotem started as co-directors, and in 2011, the workshop expanded to two weeks. Now, after 12 years of dedicated service to our early music community, they are ready to hand over the reins. Hanneke and Rotem leave behind a legacy of musical and scholarly excellence.

“I am so grateful to Hanneke and Rotem for modeling for me, first as a faculty workshop member and now as SFEMS executive director, what it means to teach with dedication, enthusiasm, and top-notch musicianship,” said Derek Tam.

Upon their announcement to recorder workshop participants last week, many of you expressed gratitude for 12 years of generous, fruitful instruction, and joyful music making.  I know I have been eternally grateful to these two for making the workshop seem easy, and dare I say, a bit glamorous.

We wish them well and look forward to seeing and hearing them in the near future.
–Stacey Helley

Last week, Hanneke and Rotem announced:

Thank you to all of you who participated in the 2022 SFEMS Recorder Workshop. After three years of silence, it was so thrilling to hear recorder sounds everywhere. We had such a wonderful time making music together again and getting to hang out with our recorder buddies.

We would like to break the news that both of us are stepping down from directing the summer SFEMS Recorder Workshop. We have had an incredibly thrilling twelve-year run and are so thankful to you all for your commitment, dedication, support and love for this art form and to the recorder community. Your passion for making music together is inspiring, and we know that you will continue to be a driving force in your own playing communities as well as at SFEMS.

We are confident that the Recorder Workshop is in the good hands of our dedicated SFEMS leaders Derek Tam and Stacey Helley. They are fully committed to the future success of the Recorder Workshop. With that in mind, a message will go out soon asking for suggestions or self-nominations for a new director, so please tell your local recorder teacher to apply.

Please don’t forget that we are not going away! We look forward to seeing and hearing you all in concerts, festivals, workshops, and recorder chapters for years to come.

With lots of love and gratitude,
Rotem Gilbert and Hanneke van Proosdij

Please click here to learn more about our workshop director searches.

Written by Stacey Helley