2022–23 Nominations for SFEMS Board of Directors

From Jeff Angell, chair of the SFEMS Governance Committee.

The SFEMS Bylaws state: “At each Annual Meeting of the members, the members of the Society shall elect new members of the Board of Directors from a slate of recommended candidates presented by the Governance Committee.  An affirmative vote by the majority of members present shall suffice to elect a new director.”

The Governance Committee recommends to the members the following slates of candidates to serve on the SFEMS Board of Directors.

Slate of Candidates Nominated for One-Year Term

The Governance Committee nominates Paul Swatek to a one-year term.

Paul has served on the board of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra as Treasurer, as well as on Philharmonia’s staff as Director of Finance. That experience, plus his other work experience in administration, and his lifelong love of music, make him an excellent candidate for our board.


Slate of Candidates Nominated for Three-Year Term

There is one Director currently serving a one-year term:

Loren Tayerle


The Governance Committee recommends that Loren be elected for a three-year term.

Slate of Directors Nominated To Be Re-Elected for Three-Year Term

There are six Directors currently sitting on the Board of Directors whose three-year term will expire at the end of the fiscal year:

Hon. Marie Bertillon Collins

Gloria Eive

Juliette Faraco

Joyce Johnson Hamilton

Reed Schmidt

Michael Stewart


The Governance recommends their re-election to continue serving on the Board of Directors for another three-year term.

Current Directors To Continue To Serve on Board of Directors

The following Directors currently sit on the Board of Directors.  Their terms have not expired, and they will continue serving on the Board.

Dr. Alexandra Amati

Jeff Angell

Diana Bersohn

Cherie Grant

Violet Grgich

Randall Matamoros

Barbara Ruvolo

Bill Stewart

Kent Young


Members of the Governance Committee are  Jeff Angell (Chair), the Hon. Marie Bertillion Collins, Gloria Eive, and Reed Schmidt.

Written by Heidi Waterman