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The Indispensable Guide to a Remarkable Week

2014 BFX READERWhen you arrive at the Festival, one of the first things to do is pick up a copy of the 2014 Berkeley Festival and Exhibition Reader. This beautiful and informative guidebook offers you—all in one place—everything you need to know to get maximum enjoyment from our week-long musical banquet.  Buy now

All 14 Main Stage performances are listed by date, with full concert programs, extensive program notes, artists’ biographies, and complete texts and translations of sung works. Early Music America’s Young Performers Festival, which runs from Wednesday through Friday, has its own section, including portraits of the six ensembles from the US and Canada as well descriptions of their programs. Another section is devoted to the many vendors and service organizations who will be on display Thursday through Saturday at EMA’s beloved Early Music Exhibition and Marketplace. The Reader concludes with 12 pages covering the entire Fringe Festival: performers, their programs, dates, times, venues, and ticket prices. The street addresses of all venues are listed as well.

At 120 pages, this is the largest and most comprehensive Reader in the history of the Berkeley Festival, an indispensable reference and keepsake of the week’s events. At a paltry $5, it’s also a serious bargain. Five bucks today won’t buy many (far-less-interesting) weekly news magazines, and if you want to get really historically informed about this, in 1791 dollars, the equivalent cost is just a few pennies.*

So where can you purchase this amazing and useful publication? There are three convenient locations. First, check out the BFX Box Office, open every day—Sunday, June 1, through Sunday, June 8—from 10 AM to 4 PM (1PM-4PM on June 1) in the narthex** of Berkeley’s First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way (entrance on Dana Street, near Durant). Second, 45 minutes before each of the 14 Main Stage concerts, staff will be on hand at the concert venue to sell Festival Readers as well as tickets to that concert. Finally, you can purchase a copy starting May 31st at The Musical Offering, Berkeley’s unique classical CD store (the last of its kind in the US and a treasure for early music fans!) at 2430 Bancroft Way, between Dana and Telegraph Avenues.  You can also encounter roving Reader sellers at Fringe concerts and other Festival events all week long.

Buy now

* If anyone actually has any 1791 pennies to spend, we will be very pleased to accept them as payment in lieu.

** Narthex is the historically-informed term for church lobby.

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