Registration for 2015 Workshops is now open!

You can register to attend a SFEMS workshop in one of three ways:

1. ONLINE: see instructions below. Go to the registration page here.

    PLEASE NOTE: You should not register online if:

  • You wish to make an initial tuition deposit larger than the required $100 per workshop but less than the full fee.
  • You wish to pay by check.
  • You wish to register for more than one workshop.
  • You qualify for an ARS or EMA membership discount and are not a SFEMS member. (ARS/EMA memberships can be obtained by mail or by calling the SFEMS office to register.)

    UPDATE 3/15: There is limited space available in Recorder week II, and room/board are almost at capacity. Please call Katie Hagen at 510-842-5256 if you wish to reserve room/board for this week.

2. BY PHONE: call the SFEMS Office at 510-528-1725, 9-11:30am Monday through Thursday.

3. BY MAIL: fill out, save, and print the enrollment form and mail it to SFEMS (P.O. Box 10151, Berkeley, CA 94709) with your check or credit card info.

How to enroll in a SFEMS Workshop online:

1. When you visit the Registration site, you will need to designate a login email address and password. If you have previously paid for a membership, bought tickets or registered for a workshop with SFEMS online, your login information will be the same.

If you are a SFEMS member, be sure to use the login that is associated with your membership info so that the system can apply your membership discount automatically.

2. On the “Household information” page, please be sure to electronically sign the Release Form for every household member participating in a SFEMS Workshop.

Parents registering children for the Music Discovery Workshop should enter the date of birth for each child enrolling.

The health information is optional but strongly suggested, so that it can be available in case of an emergency.

3. A minimum tuition deposit of $100 is required for each workshop registration. Room and board payments, if applicable, must be made in full at the time of registration.  Full payment of both tuition and room and board, if applicable, must be paid on or before the beginning of each workshop.  Partial tuition payments can be made by phone or check.

Note for Recorder Workshop enrollees: both weeks of the Recorder Workshop typically fill up before April 30th, so to be able to enroll, please register as early as possible.

Go to the Workshops registration page here.

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Registration Changes, Cancellations, and Questions

Please contact Katie Hagen at if you have questions about registration changes or cancellations.

The $100 tuition deposit required for all workshops is non-refundable.  Each workshop enrollment requires a separate $100 tuition deposit.

Full payment of workshop tuition is required for cancellations made within two weeks of the start of any workshop.

All tuition and room & board fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of each workshop and are non-refundable after the workshop begins.

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