SFEMS Medieval Renaissance Collegium

1517, Music from a Watershed Year

Director, Adam Gilbert

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 10 am – 4 pm

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church 1501 Washington Avenue, Albany, CA

for voices, recorders, viols, harps, sackbuts, dulcians and all manner of early instruments

A watershed year, 1517 marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. It also saw the death of the great composer Henricus Isaac, and the last compositions of his student Adam Rener, who was brutally beaten in a barroom fight. In the same year, Johannes Reuchlin published his The Art of the Kabbalah, a landmark book that changed the face of musical symbolism in the Renaissance. For our program, we will explore the music that Isaac composed for Lorenzo de Medici in Florence and Maximilian I of Austria. We will look at music of his students Ludwig Senfl and Adam Rener. We will also play and sing major compositions from the beginning of the Reformation, and we will trace how popular and sacred song evolved before and after 1517, a “year of singing dangerously.” Please spend the day with us making glorious music. Workshop pitch: A=440 Bring your instruments, music stands and pencils, and a bag lunch. Electronic files of the music will be provided in advance.

Registration Fees Full Day SFEMS Members: $50.00 in advance$60.00 at the door Non-Members:  $65.00 in advance$75.00 at the door Students: $30.00 at the door

Half-day SFEMS Members: $30.00 Non-Members: $45.00

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